Our dedication and strict adherence to consumer loyalty have given us rehash business in making of the Poly Coated Duplex Board. It is utilized in an ample assortment of bundling applications, for example, refreshment transporters, book and report covers, mailing cylinders, folding containers and videocassette boxes, to give some examples. Our product offering of Paper Boards presents to you a wide name of value evaluations to look through including a developing choice of loads, grammage, surfaces and completes and accessible.

This Poly Coated Duplex Board is commonly thicker than paper which can be effortlessly cut and framed in any shape. It is utilized to make things, for example, book and magazine spreads or postcards i.e. printing departments. Our Coated Duplex Board is correctly structured which best suits the market request. It is a reuse paper board which is utilized for fare Purposes. Our Coated Duplex Board will give the more extended and inconvenience free administration life to the client. To keep up the measures of our association, we convey our assignments in a submitted time span.

Poly Coated Duplex Board Supplier and Exporter in India


  • Enhanced printability
  • Gives splendid enlargement
  • High smoothness
  • High security from erosion
  • Warmth opposition
  • Condition well inclined
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